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Our values and our commitment to sustainability

We don’t like to take life too seriously, sometimes it’s better to simply enjoy the moment.

That’s why we built our product on two simple principles;
– Share the good times
– Make the most of any occasion

We have always wanted to create a product that not only tastes great but that does good as well. But we want to do better.

Supporting local

We will continue to source all elements of our product from local UK suppliers. After the devastating effect lockdown had on small and local businesses, we decided that it would only be right to keep production in the UK to do our bit (however small) to support UK businesses.

Our bag-in-box cocktails are packed and filled in Luton, and stored and distributed from Basingstoke.


When starting out, we were always keen to ensure sustainability is at the forefront of our business, and we will continue to improve this side of Box of Booze to make sure we impact the planet as little as possible.

Bag in box drinks are more eco-friendly

For more mindful consumers, bag in box drinks also has significant environmental benefits. As well as the convenience and cost-effectiveness of boxed drinks, they actually carry less of a carbon footprint than their glass bottle alternatives.

Although glass bottles are 100% recyclable, they are quite energy-intensive to produce, so choosing to use plastic and cardboard means drinks are much less energy-intensive to manufacture and the cardboard box and the EVOH bag can be recycled.

Cardboard boxes and EVOH bags are much lighter than glass bottles, so when it comes to transportation, they cost a lot less per millilitre to transport. The lighter weight also results in reduced fuel consumption, fewer carbon emissions and less strain on lorry engines.

Bag-in-box drinks are much lower in cost to produce, transport, store and easy to drink right from the bag, making them cost-effective, greener, and highly convenient for modern drinks consumers.

We are made out of recyclable material!

Our product is currently 95% recyclable. To discard the packaging properly, please make sure you remove the tap from the bag and place in your non-recyclable bin, and ensure that you place the bag and box in with your recycling. Together we can make sure we reduce our environmental impact.

Longer life and freshness

When it comes to preserving the quality of your drink, bag-in-box drinks keep fresher for longer, although not indefinitely. The shelf life for our boxed cocktails is 12 months when kept in ambient conditions, perfect for storing in bulk for a special occasion or event.

Thanks to our Vitop tap and the air-tight seal between the bag and tap, our cocktail suffers less oxidation, which means a longer life. This means that the drink can be kept for weeks after opening without the taste being affected, but most drinks from a bottle should be consumed within a matter of hours or a couple of days if you don’t want the taste to degrade.

Instead of feeling the need to finish off a whole bottle to prevent it losing its flavour or going to waste, having the option to store a boxed drink in the fridge potentially for weeks could not only lead to people drinking less but also enjoying the fresh taste of the drink for much longer.

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